James C. Colvin: A Most Corrupt Cop

Dirty, Dangerous, and Deranged 

One Deranged and Dirty Cop
One Deranged and Dirty Cop

Copy of my Complaint to the Glendale Police

While on duty and for no reason, James Colvin jumped on my table and said, "I just stopped him from attacking us."  

On 10/26/18, I was working at the Glendale Express Hotel as a security guard. I was the only guard on duty during the 3-11 pm shift for Close Range Inc. At about 3:30 pm and while I was patrolling the hotel, I received a call on my radio to go to the front desk. As I was walking to the front desk, I noticed three Glendale Police officers: two men and one woman. James Colvin, the Glendale policeman in charge asked my loudly, "You don't know why we're here do you?" I responded, "No," because I had no idea why they were there. Officer James Colvin then asked me if there was a place where he could talk with me. The hotel supervisor at the front desk suggested that we could talk in a conference room. We then sat down at a round table with Officer James Colvin to my right, Officer Zendejas to my left, and a policewoman directly in front of me. Officer James Colvin did all the talking.

Officer James Colvin first asked me the following strange question in a harsh accusatory tone, "What do you think of the Boston Marathon bombings?" I told him that I didn't know what he was taking about. Then he asked, "Were you happy with the Las Vegas shootings?" I told him that I had no idea why this line of questioning was going on. These types of questions went on for a while, then Officer Colvin told me that the company I was working for, Close Range Inc, said that google searches had been made on the computer that they owned at the hotel and where I had made the daily reports.

Close Range said there were several google searches on this computer for things like "mass killings" and "mass shootings." I assured Officer Colvin of the truth that I hadn't made any such searches. My answer didn't matter as he continued to ask me questions like, "Do you get a joy from wanting to shoot people, etc." Then when I got the drift of what was going on I told Officer Colvin that I would not speak anymore until I got an attorney. At that point Officer James Colvin became very angry and proceeded to leap on and across the round table while loudly stating, "I JUST STOPPED HIM FROM ATTACKING US."

Officer Colvin leaped on the table with such force that if my arm was in the way, it could have been broken. I'm 5'10 and weigh only 130lbs and was sitting at the table calmly wearing my jacket and tie. I didn't make any threatening motion, nor did I say anything threatening. Then Officer Colvin announced that I was under arrest. He handcuffed me and took me out the front door of the hotel and threw me into the back seat of the police car and slammed the car door.

Officer Colvin and Officer Zendejas took me to The Adventist Psychiatric Institute in Glendale where I was admitted at 16:41. While being admitted and while still in handcuffs with Officer Zendejas to my immediate left, I heard Officer Colvin, who was 25 ft to my right, telling the hospital staff, "I stopped him at the hotel while he tried to attack us." At that point I asked Officer Zendejas, "Do you hear him lying?" He said, "YEAH, DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT."

I was then admitted on a 5150 hold and when I was released on 10/29, the Glendale police were waiting for me to give me a Restraining Order for the CFO of Close Range Inc, Monique Harding. Question: If I had made google searches about mass killings and mass shootings, then why did Close Range give me a document to appear in court to answer a restraining order against their CFO: a person I'd never had a thought about either for positive or for negative?

Now that time has passed, I know exactly why Officer James Colvin acted in this criminal manner. Answer: Just prior to my arrest, I had emailed the CFO of Close Range Inc , Monique Harding, to ask why they always held two weeks pay. At the time, I didn't know it was an illegal practice, but being poor and needing $1000 I simply asked Close Range that simple question. Close Range took that question as a threat (because they illegally held 2 weeks for all security guards) and decided to quickly get rid of me.

I know that Close Range is run by ex-police. The head of Close Range is ex-LAPD, Basil Stephens, and their website states they have many former police officers working with them including ex-Glendale Police. Close Range Inc also had several police and library contracts which are controlled by the LAPD.

I now know exactly what happened that day. The previous night while I was at work, Close Range put these google searches remotely in the computer at Glendale Express. I saw this happen, but I won't go into the details at this time. Then the Close Range CEO, called his friends in the Glendale PD.to make sure I was put away with with good enough reason to be fired. Then corrupt Colvin played out his role in this dirty game.

BTW, though I've never had a thought about the Close Range CFO, Monique Harding, as I've said, I lost the restraining order case because I wasn't allowed to say one word in court and the two who testified against me were two ex-LAPD who worked for Close Range including the CEO of Close Range, Basil Stephens. They testified and perjured themselves while saying under oath that they both heard me say out loud that I wanted to kill this CFO. The ex-LAPD who owns Close Range, Basil Stephens, testified under oath that he met me for 20 minutes to warn me about the threats I'd made to his CFO. The truth? I met him only once in my life at Glendale Express maybe two months prior to this incident where he met me for 15 seconds only. He shook my hand, and thanked me for doing a great job.  I was doing a great job and was very well liked with no trouble until I asked the Close Range CFO, Monique Harding, why they held 2 weeks pay.

That's the story with 100% truth. BTW, until 10/26/18 I had lived in Los Angeles for 40 years and had never been arrested. Now my life has been ruined by James Colvin's crimes.
 James Colvin is deranged, dirty, and dangerous. I understand now the cause of this crime against me is the greed of the Close Range owners along with the complicity of the Glendale Police. While Colvin should be prosecuted and terminated for his actions, of course, the other officers at the scene will only lie to defend Colvin's actions. Also, since Colvin said twice that he stopped me from attacking the police, then why wasn't I charged with assaulting the police? And where are the body cameras they may have been wearing? Where's the hotel video proving I assaulted them? Colvin is a deranged, liar who made a false arrest to satisfy the ex-police who run Close Range. I know this to be true.

Why is James C. Colvin so Deranged and Dangerous?


The LA Times reported the following:

"For Glendale Police Officer James Colvin, the new assignment is deeply personal. Three years ago, his mother, who has a history of mental illness, went missing." 


James Colvin is the crazed cop who came to my workplace and demanded to know what I thought of the Boston Marathon bombings! And when I calmly answered him, he resorted to jumping on my table while accusing me of attacking him.