US Military Intelligence Operatives are Recruiting "Joel's Army" to Foment Revolution against the US Government and to Enforce the Noahide Laws

Satanic agents within Christianity are using churches to incite their youth into fomenting revolution against the US government. These young American Christians being duped into revolution against their own government are "Joel's Army."

One such Satanic agent within Christianity is Cindy Jacobs, a member of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders. On August 14, 2000, Jacobs issued 'A Prophetic Call to Revolution' to Christian youth.  Her prophecy foretold that certain churches would become official "command posts for revolution" and that God now was calling "radical revolutionaries to the church."

Jacobs prophesied, "For I would say to you, my children there is a page turning in the heavenlies, and at the top of this page I have one word, and it's 'revolution.'"

Jacobs continued, "There are churches that will be command posts for revolution, and to these command posts I would say, I am going to bring a revolution. Look and see; I am calling radical revolutionaries to the church...These are going to be different days than you have ever known, and I am going to require sacrifice of you that you cannot imagine. I am going to require a sacrifice of your children, says the Lord." 

"'And the Lord says, I am calling for an invasion from these churches, from my command posts. And the Lord says get ready, get ready, get ready, for it begins today.'

The dominionistic end-game of Joel's Army, the American version of the Hitler Youth Movement, is to form a pseudo-Christian theocracy to slaughter prostitutes, adulterers, homosexuals, heretics, thieves and anyone else caught breaking the Ten Commandments.  In essence, Joel's Army will be enforcing the Noahide Laws, Public Law 102-14.

Military intelligence operatives, posing as Christian pastors, are today recruiting young men for Joel's Army using a particular Modus Operandi (M.O.). Their M.O. is to first pressure young Christian men to be loyal to them by male bonding with constant appeals made to "be manly," to "be masculine," to "act like men," etc. Once bonded, these young Christian men are then being deceived into dismissing authority (laws), while being prepared for armed rebellion against the US government.  These US Military Intelligence operatives, posing as pastors, are, essentially, inciting and preparing young Christians for war against their own nation.   

These young Christians are being trained to "take back America" for Jesus: a militant Jesus, with a knife, an axe, and an AK 47.    This Jesus wants to kill Gays, Muslims, and true Born-Again Christians, who "love their enemy" and who refuse to adhere to the Noahide Laws.

Pastor Travis Allen:  US Navy SEAL / CIA 

One such military intelligence operative posing as a Christian pastor for the purpose of recruiting Joel's Army is Travis Allen. Allen is the former Managing Director of John Macarthur's Grace To You (GTY) and is currently the head pastor of Grace Greeley Church in Greeley CO. According to his GTY bio: 

"Raised in Golden, Colorado, Travis joined the US Navy in 1988, entered the SEAL Teams, and came to faith in Jesus Christ in 1990." 

According to Wiki SOCOM, Navy SEALS have worked for and with the CIA for decades:

"All SEALs are male members of the United States Navy. The CIA's highly secretive Special Activities Division (SAD) and more specifically its elite Special Operations Group (SOG) recruits operators from the SEAL Teams. Joint Navy SEALs and CIA operations go back to the MACV-SOG during the Vietnam War."

At Grace Greeley Church, Travis Allen's youth ministry* was called, "Act Like Men.  Calling Men Back to Biblical Manhood" and the logo (see below) that Travis Allen chose for this youth "ministry" was the CIA's.

* Once his youth "ministry" was exposed, Travis Allen deleted all traces of his "Act Like Men" ministry, along with its CIA logo.   Why?  Allen has also deleted, from his bio, any mention that he was / is a US Navy SEAL.     

Travis Allen's "Act like Men" ministry with the CIA's logo.

Travis Allen is a Jewish Kabbalist (Practitioner of Witchcraft)

While employed at John Macarthur's Grace To You, Travis Allen wrote an article called "Asia Debrief" which was about a trip he took to Singapore with Phil Johnson, the Director of Grace To You.  In this article, Travis Allen stated that "God revealed biblical truths to Chinese through their alphabet and language" and that "the characters of the Chinese alphabet are images revealing God, therefore the ancient Chinese worshiped the same God as Christians do."  Allen then made parallels between Confucianism and Christianity by stating, "Where did Confucius' teachings come from? Romans 2: Law of God written on their hearts."  Travis Allen then stated that "the sacrifice of a bull by the Chinese emperor implies the OT sacrificial system."  

Like his former employer and mentor, John Macarthur, Travis Allen is a Jewish occultist, whose teachings in his "Asia Debrief" are Jewish Kabbalism (witchcraft, divination).  Woe to the young men Travis Allen is pastoring!

Pastor John Lovell: US Navy SEAL-CIA

Another Military Special Operations Pastor training Jael's Army by manipulating young men to "man up" and to "be masculine" is John Lovell.  For example, one interview Pastor Lovell recently gave, while a guest on the 700 Club, was titled, "Restoring Masculinity God's Way.

John Lovell is the Preaching Pastor of Grace City Church in Rome, GA. 

According to his church bio, 

"John is a former war veteran and Special Operations soldier, having served in the 2nd Ranger Battalion... "

John Lovell Founded the Warrior Poet Society

John Lovell also founded the Warrior Poet Society & Network (WPS) which sells guns, knives, body armor, tactical gear, and even some military gear to Israel's IDF

Pastor John Lovell's Warrior Poet Society also instructs men to own a .22 handgun because it's "Perfect for Zombie Slaying."  

The World Poet Society (WPS) also sells axes.  A WPS ad states, "This is the WPS War Hawk: It's the axe your grandpa WISH he had."  War Hawk?  Didn't Jesus say, "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God?" (Matt 5: 9)

John Lovell's "Warrior Poets" are Knights Templar, who are Jewish Kabbalists

It is interesting that Lovell went on to build one of the biggest tactical training networks after his military service ended using the name, Warrior Poets

According to the NCO Journal of the Army University Press, Captain Ronald F Roberts said, "The term warrior poet has its roots in the ethos of the medieval knight."  This US Military Journal then lists the rules of the "Knights Templar Code of 1150 AD" with Rule #2 being "Seek communion with the feminine face of God."  As all Christians know, God has no feminine face and to believe this heresy is to believe the doctrines of Jewish Kabbalism

This US Military NCO Journal does clarify that John Lovell's Warrior Poets are Medieval Knights, who are Knights Templar, who are Jewish Kabbalists

John Lovell's Conversion Testimony: "Jesus Violently Accosted Him."

Pastor John Lovell gave his "conversion testimony" to Mark Driscoll in the video below. At 5:33, Lovell said, 

"I don't even feel like I accepted Jesus, I feel like I was against my will, not looking for Him accosted violently by Him!"  

Just like his Warrior Poets, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, is also considered to be "violent" by Pastor Lovell.  Needless to say, this testimony shows that Military Intelligence Pastor John Lovell was "converted" to another Jesus: a violent Jesus preparing for war.

John Lovell wants to "Raise Virtuous Rebels"

Pastor John Lovell also speaks at Homeschooling Conventions. The title of his last talk was "Raising Virtuous Rebels." 

"Raising virtuous rebels" refers to the young Christians being raised (recruited) by Lovell for Joel's Army.  Pastor Lovell, who is encouraging rebellion against the US Government, doesn't care that to rebel against one's government is to sin against God. 

"Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God." (Rom 13:1)  

John Lovell wishes for "Courageous Virtue to my Fellow Outlaws" at the Young America's Foundation

In 2022, Military Special Operations Pastor John Lovell gave a speech at the Young America's Foundation.  His speech was titled (at 1:33 in the video below), "Courageous Virtue to my Fellow Outlaws."  and at 6:04, Lovell said, "When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty."  

It's true that Christians are to obey God rather than men.    

"And when they had brought them, they set them before the council: and the high priest asked them, Saying, Did not we straitly command you that ye should not teach in this name? Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men. (Acts 5:27-29)

Lovell, however, isn't teaching the need to obey God when faced with ungodly dictators, Lovell is teaching that when faced with ungodly dictators, it should be the duty of Christians to overthrow their government.  In teaching this, Lovell is teaching something that God considers to be a sin, even worth damnation.

"Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. (Romans 13: 1,2)

In this speech, Pastor Lovell is acknowledging that he's a rebellious outlaw, while encouraging other men to be the same.   Lovell then describes outlaws (criminals) as being courageous and virtuous.  What warning does God give to men who think that criminality is virtue?  

"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" (Isaiah 5: 20)

The Young America's Foundation is a CIA Front

It should be of concern that the Young America's Foundation's "Our History" states that it was originally called Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), founded by William F Buckley.  

"Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) was founded on September 11, 1960, at the home of William F. Buckley Jr."  

William F. Buckley was a Member of Yale's Order of Skull & Bones (The Brotherhood of Death) and an agent for the CIA.  According to Wiki

"William Francis Buckley (May 30, 1928 – June 3, 1985) was a United States Army officer in the United States Army Special Forces, and a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) station chief...

When William F Buckley founded Young Americans for Freedom in 1960, he was already CIA.  According to Wiki,  

"It was during this time that Buckley began his first employment with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), from 1955 to 1957." 

John Lovell with Shawn Ryan, another Navy SEAL / CIA Operative

John Lovell has also been a guest on the Shawn Ryan Show. According to his Instgram profile, Shawn Ryan is a "former" Navy SEAL/CIA Operative.

Shawn Ryanshawnryan762Public figure

β€’ Former Navy SEAL/CIA πŸ”±πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
β€’ Host ofπŸŽ™@shawnryanshow
β€’ 2 Million Subs on YouTube

"Shawn Ryan is the founder of Vigilance Elite and the creator and host of the hit podcast "The Shawn Ryan Show." Ryan, himself a former US Navy Seal and CIA Contractor with 14 years of service spanning multiple combat operations."

Pastor John Lovell is a "Warrior Poet Restoring the Culture"

In this interview, Warrior Poets Restoring the Culture, Rick Green of Patriot Academy and David Barton of Wallbuilders, interview John Lovell.  The brief description of the interview states, "Masculinity is crumbling in our country, and Warrior Poets are the antidote."

At 1:27, Rick Green says that he "gave out copies of the book Tender Warrior  thirty years ago to all of the guys in his wedding."   

According to Wiki, the author of Tender Warriors, Stu Weber, served as a "Group Intelligence Officer in the Special Forces (United States Army), also known as the Green Berets, and served as a Lead Pastor for more than 30 years."

At 3:00, Rick Green mentions the growing organizations based on the supposed need for masculinity/manhood that are led by military combat/special forces men like John Lovell, Tim Kennedy of Sheepdog Response, and Chad Robichaux.

"Tim Kennedy is an active Special Forces master sergeant and sniper with combat deployments throughout the middle east as part of the most elite counter terrorism and hostage rescue unit within the U.S. Army Green Berets."   

Chad Robichaux is a "USMC Force Recon Veteran and DoD Contractor, Chad served eight deployments to Afghanistan as part of a Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Task Force." 

"Beyond his military career, Chad [Robichaux] has dedicated himself to safeguarding our nation as a Special Agent with the US Federal Air Marshal Service.  He also lent his expertise to the US State Department, where he served as a Surveillance Detection Senior Program Manager."

​"Furthermore, he's [Chad Robichaux] a board-certified pastoral counselor..." How does this Joint Special Operations Command Soldier counsel Christian pastors?  Does he counsel them to obey God's word without compromise?  Or does he counsel them on how to incite young Christian men into fomenting armed revolution against their own government?   

In this interview at 12:30, we are told that King David was a Warrior Poet

In this interview at 13:15, we are told that Jesus Christ was the top Warrior Poet.

John Lovell with Ryan Michler and The Order of Man

John Lovell is a guest on Ryan Michler's podcasts.  Like Lovell, Michler is a veteran who has served in Iraq.  Michler's organization is called the Order of Man.  The Order of Man website quotes John Lovell:     

"We really need to be lovers and fighters, not one of the two." Tweet Thatβ€” JOHN LOVELL

Pastor Lovell says that we need to be lovers and fighters, but NOT followers of Jesus Christ.   

Ryan Michler's Order of Man's store sells shirts with the skull & bones logo and with the phrase, "Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats." 

To be a "normal" masculine man, apparently, means to be prepared to commit murder and to be prepared for armed rebellion.

Ryan Michler has also made a video called 30 days to battle ready

Special Ops Pastor John Lovell's Warrior Poet Society Highlights Dom Raso: US Navy SEAL Team Six

According to, "Dom Raso, a combat veteran and former esteemed Navy SEAL Team Six member," 

Dom Raso was highlighted by John Lovell's Warrior Poet Society for his "Principled Aggression."   According to Warrior Poets Society,

"Former SEAL Team Six operator Dom Raso knows the real-world application of the defense techniques he teaches others through Dynamis Alliance..."

"DYNAMIS ALLIANCE CORP"Exists to lead modern day warriors & guardians.  We are a veteran owned and warrior fueled company..." 

Dom Raso's website is called Crush Everything.

Dom Raso
Dom Raso

Who are US Navy SEAL Team Six?  

According to Wiki,

"The Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG), abbreviated as DEVGRU ("Development Group") and commonly known as SEAL Team Six is the United States Navy component of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)."  

"DEVGRU and its Army and Air Force counterparts, Delta Force and 24th Special Tactics Squadron, are the U.S. military's primary Tier 1 special mission units tasked with performing the most complex, classified, and dangerous missions." 

Is one of these US Navy SEAL Six missions to train Joel's Army to overthrow the US Government? 

US Navy Team Six Kills with Axes 

The Noahide Laws mandate that Christians be Beheaded with Axes.  

According to Brobible,

"If you need to kill some time this afternoon, do yourself a favor and go read the incredible New York Times piece SEAL Team 6: A Secret History of Quiet Killings and Blurred Lines. It's a fascinating glimpse into the world's most celebrated elite black ops team.

"One of the cool facts extracted from the is a tidbit about SEAL Team 6's choice of weaponry. According to the Times, each member of SEAL Team 6 is given a "primeval tomahawk" after their first year in the squadron.

"Several former Team 6 members said that some men carried the hatchets on missions, and at least one killed an enemy fighter with the weapon. Dom Raso, a former Team 6 member who left the Navy in 2012, said that hatchets were used "for breaching, getting into doors, manipulating small locks, hand-to-hand combat and other things." He added that hatchet and blade kills occurred during his time with the SEALs." 

"Some SEAL Team 6 members used specialized tomahawk axes in raids, and at least one SEAL killed an insurgent with one, the Times reported. (L

SEALs and the CIA's Omega Program

According to the Washington Post, "SEAL Team 6 members joined with the CIA in something known as the Omega Program, which hunted down Taliban fighters with fewer restrictions than other military units."