King Charles: A Counterfeit Antichrist?

The first official portrait of King Charles since his coronation has raised eyebrows.  

Not only is the entire painting in red, but there is also a monarch butterfly near Charles' right shoulder. Although King Charles is a Monarch, this symbol is also used to depict those under mind control or those who are mind controllers or both. 

King Charles may be believed to be the Christ immediately after the church rapture and when Thomas Plantard appears at Mid-Tribulation, people may believe he's the Christ. One possible future scenario is that KIng Charles may be given the authority to mandate that everyone must take a micro-chip and many will falsely assume that this chip is the Mark of the Beast.  When Thomas Plantard appears at Mid Tribulation, he may convince those who took the microchip that they can still be saved as long as they take the "Mark of God," which will be the true Mark of the Beast.

Many have criticized KIng Charles' Portrait using the Terms "Blood" and "Hell."

One website headlined the portrait "Portrait of King Charles stating New Meaning to 'Bloody Hell.'" (L

A faculty member at the Rhode Island School of Design said that the portrait's red brushstrokes remind him of dripping "blood." (L) 

According to an LA Times headline: King Charles' new portrait 'looks like he's bathing in blood'. 

"I'm sorry, but this portrait looks like he's in hell," one person posted in comments under artist Jonathan Yeo's and the royal family's joint Instagram post revealing and explaining the image.

The Mirrored Image of King Charles' Portrait Shows the Outline of Baphomet, Satan.

"What do you notice when you mirror the image of King Charles' portrait?" one user asked, with a mirrored image that was darkened in parts and purported to show the outline of Baphomet." (L

A Brazilian statue of King (then Prince) Charles gives evidence that he may be the counterfeit Antichrist 

A Brazilian statue of King (then Prince) Charles gives evidence that he may be the counterfeit Antichrist (Thomas Plantard is the true Antichrist). 

"A giant bronze statue of Prince Charles as a winged hero 'saving the world' is to become the centrepiece of a remote Amazonian town.'" At his feet are human bodies, one of whom is drinking a bottle of wine.

BBC News:  Prince Charles: the Winged Hero

The Brazilian Governor stated the significance of the statue: 

Explaining its significance, Tacantins' state governor, Jose Wilson Sequeira Campos said: "It is Prince Charles saving the world"

Image of Satan Hidden in New Royal Portrait of King Charles 'in Hell.'

King Charles' Displays Allegiance to the Church of Satan: Baphomet