John Macarthur Wrote his own Bible

John Macarthur's new bible is called the Legacy Standard Bible. Who wrote it?

"The translation committee consists of a group of biblically qualified, faithful men from the Master's University and Seminary, all of whom are scholars and preachers." (L).

In other words, this bible wasn't written by God, but by a select group of "scholars and preachers" on John Macarthur's payroll. Are any of these "scholars and preachers" even born again Christians?

In the section "How did you translate the LSB?" is the question, "Why does the LSB translate doulos as slave?" As some Christians know, Macarthur is adamant in teaching falsely that the word "doulos" always means slave and that Christians are only slaves which was the topic of his recent book, "Slave."

The word "doulos" is translated "servant" and Christians are never slaves, but friends of Jesus Christ, children our Father, and the Bride of Jesus Christ. Is Jesus Christ returning to marry His slave?

Everywhere in Scripture, Macarthur has changed "doulos" to "slave." For example, in Romans 1:1, Paul is no longer a servant of Jesus Christ, but a "slave." According to Macarthur's LSB, "Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus, called as an apostle, having been set apart for the gospel of God,"

The LSB uses a corrupt Greek text, the Westcott-Hort text, and not the Textus Receptus.

"The Legacy Standard Bible has the benefit of a number of critical Greek texts in determining the best variant reading to translate. The 27th edition of Eberhard Nestle's Novum Testamentum Graece, supplemented by the 28th edition in the General Epistles, serve as the base text." (L)

John Macarthur's Legacy Standard Bible will be featured in John Macarthur's Legacy Center, the museum he recently built to honor himself and if any Christians are foolish enough to bequeath their estates to John Macarthur they can become members of his Legacy Society.

"The Master's University Legacy Society began in 2011 to recognize supporters of the University who have committed a portion of their estate to further the vision of TMU." (L)