Unsaved Molly Rickenbach opposed God without repentance. Her death was God's righteous judgment. 

Born into a Gentile Family

Molly Rickenbach was born in South Pasadena, CA on March 1, 1969 to Timothy Aho and Barbara Aho (nee Baker). She had two brothers, Neil and Robert Aho. 

Married into a Jewish Family

Molly Aho married Jeffrey David Rickenbach, a Jew.  Jeffrey David Rickenbach's mother, Bethel Rickenbach (nee Warner), is Jewish, and his ex-wife, Erin Elizabeth Rickenbach (nee Combs), is Jewish.  After marrying Molly Aho, Jeffrey adopted two babies, both of whom were given Jewish names: Miles and Paul*.

Used (and abused) her children with the Ezzo Child Rearing Method 

*Paul is slightly autistic having been raised by Jeffrey and Molly using The Ezzo Child-Rearing Method.  The Ezzo Method is dangerous because it causes "brain change" that is "associated with the extreme neglect" mandated by the Ezzo Plan.  In following a plan/method that many consider child abuse or even child torture, both the child's psychosocial and physical development are adversely impacted.   

Although Paul took the brunt of this Ezzo abuse, only by God's grace was Miles comparatively spared.  Naturally, due to her concerns that her grandchildren were being abused in this manner, Molly Rickenbach's mother, Barbara Aho*, entreated her Christian friends world-wide (this author included) to pray for the wellbeing of Miles and Paul.   

Are Miles and Paul being raised Christian today? Since Jeffrey David Rickenbach is still a devotee of James Knox, a Crypto-Jewish Kabbalist, his children are being indoctrinated into his cult, naturally, led by James Knox and by his many other Crypto-Jewish ministers. 

Although Molly Rickenbach never escaped James Knox's Kabbalist cult, Christians are today praying that her children, Miles and Paul, will one day be set free.

Employed Jehovah's Witnesses to tutor her children  

Two prominent members of James Knox's Kabbalist cult are Linda Strand and her daughter, Emma Strand.  Jeffrey and Molly Rickenbach were friends with the Strands and have hired Emma Strand to tutor their children.  Being greatly concerned with this hiring, Molly's Christian mother, Barbara Aho*, publicly exposed that Linda and Emma Strand are Jehovah's Witnesses!  In typical fashion and in displaying no love for truth, Molly Rickenbach only chose to ignore this important information provided by her mother.    

Had no saving faith in Jesus Christ

Despite her Christian profession and church attendance, Molly Rickenbach was never born-again by saving faith in Jesus Christ!

When diagnosed with cancer in June 2021 and when encouraged to "show her faith" by trusting in God for her healing, Molly declared to her mother*, "I'll trust God only in little things." By responding in this manner, Molly showed that she really had no faith in God and consequently, could only trust the Medical Establishment (man) for her healing. 

Opposed God and Christians while a devotee of James Knox  

For the final three years of her life, Molly Rickenbach was a willfully blind devotee of James KnoxHer refusal to heed the many warnings given to her by her mother* regarding the dangers of James Knox's Kabbalist / Witchcraft Agenda, eventually led to God's righteous judgment and to her death.  

This report prophesied three years ago that, the then healthy, Molly Rickenbach would die should she continue to attack God's word, Jesus Christ, and Christians for James Knox and his KJV-Only Kabbalist Agenda.

Buried at Cape Canaveral National Cemetery

Being eligible for veterans' burial benefits (that are free of charge), Jeffrey David Rickenbach buried his wife at Cape Canaveral National Cemetery (Section 6, Site 134).  Her mother, Barbara Aho*, who could not attend this burial because she was told neither the day nor the time, had preferred that her daughter be buried at Oakdale Cemetery, in Deland, with her father, Timothy E.  Aho.  

According to her mother's letters (below), Molly Rickenbach's cancer and death was God's judgment caused by her willful opposition to Him.   

Barbara Aho's first letter to her daughter, Molly Rickenbach

Molly Rickenbach died on December 21, 2023. On Sunday, October 15, 2023, her mother wrote the following letter:

Subject: Please take it to heart

Dear Molly,

Yesterday we spoke and prayed for your healing. I am grieving that you have this horrible cancer. I will continue to pray for your healing but I must share with you what God has shown me. Even if I pray all day long, 
the Lord will not heal one who is disobedient to His Word. (1 Cor 11:30-31)

Jesus warned His disciples to "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." (Mt. 7:15)
The consequence of disobeying Jesus' command is destruction.

"Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat." (Mt. 7:13)

Over the past year
I have tried to warn you that James Knox is a wolf in sheep's clothing, but you have disregarded the evidence I have provided. The Zionism Exposed website is all true. This website was set up to warn Christians because we care about them. We are not antisemites, as James Knox claims, but are concerned that a portion of
Jewry is conspiring to destroy Christians.

There is another matter I must bring up, although I would rather not. God commands children, "Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee." James
Knox has lied about Bob and me from the pulpit,
yet you are happy to attend his church. Pastor Knox also had his church members threaten us and it appears you have shared personal information about us which he
has broadcast from his pulpit to intimidate us
We have been inundated with e-mails falsely accusing us of harassment and stalking, and threats of reporting us to the police.

Molly, I write this letter in love, not condemnation. We all sin and offend one another. (James 3:2) As your mother I care about you and I desire more than anything your spiritual well-being and physical healing. Please take my warning to heart and examine yourself now.


P.S. As you can see it is now almost 5am. I could not sleep until I wrote this letter. So I will have to take Paul and Miles to the playground tomorrow instead of today.

Barbara Aho's final letter to her daughter, Molly Rickenbach

Subject: My Bible Study this morning and a Serious Warning...

Molly, I asked the Lord this morning to reveal why you are not yet healed. I am writing His answer not as your mother but as a Christian exercising the spiritual gift and understanding God has given to me.

Molly, at this point you must consider the deadly disease in your body as a chastisement or judgment for receiving the evil fruit/false doctrines of a false teacher, a Pharisee who is outwardly righteous before men, but teaches doctrines of devils.

James Knox teaches that the King James translation is inerrant and superior to the original autographs of the prophets and apostles, as well as the Greek Textus Receptus and Hebrew O.T. that were compiled from the preponderance of reliable manuscripts extant since the originals do not exist. This false teaching, in effect, replaces the original God-inspired scriptures and the Received Greek and Hebrew texts with the English KJV, which is not inspired and far from inerrant. KJV-Onlyism is a false doctrine which denies the verbal inspiration of God's Word and elevates a mere translation by men to the level of the inspired Word of God. To prevent Christians from recognizing this doctrine as patently false, James Knox mocks the Greek text and discourages Christians from consulting the Greek and Hebrew texts and resources. He then teaches the doctrines of devils found in the Talmud and Kabbalah.

Paul exhorted Christians at Corinth to examine themselves before receiving communion because of many in the congregation under God's judgment and some were dying prematurely:

"...so that whoever may eat this bread or may drink the cup of the Lord unworthily, guilty he shall be of the body and blood of the Lord: and let a man be proving himself, and so of the bread let him eat, and of the cup let him drink; for he who is eating and drinking unworthily, judgment to himself he doth eat and drink--not discerning the body of the Lord. Because of this, among you many are weak and sickly, and sleep do many; for if ourselves we were discerning, we would not be being judged, and being judged by the Lord, we are chastened, that with the world we may not be condemned;" (1Co 11:27-32)

Molly, denial that the original Scriptures alone are inspired and inerrant is a deadly heresy. Replacing the Received texts with a mere translation, with copious errors, will send multitudes to hell during the Tribulation period. James Knox's heretical teachings are transmitted worldwide which is why Bob and I were so zealous to expose them and to warn the body of Christ. He then called us to oppose and expose this and other attacks on His Word. God can't be pleased that you and Jeff [Rickenbach] have opposed our defense of His Word and warning the body of Christ. In your opposition to us you have, in fact, BEEN OPPOSING GOD.

I regret that I must be so harsh, but time is short for you to be healed, therefore a stern warning is in order.

I write this because I love you!


*Go here to read Barbara Aho's excellent expose of James Knox and his KJV-Only Kabbalism.